Clay Slimming Body Wrap

As an individual interested in a slimming body wrap, you may lose toxins and inches from your body by taking advantage of this luxurious, easy to make clay slimming body wrap with natural, safe ingredients. In order to create a clay slimming body wrap you will need the following items: green clay or bentonite, sea salt, olive oil, spring water, and a white sheet or plastic wrap torn into strips around five inches wide and five feet long. If you are going to be using a sheet, you will need a basin of warm water.

By using the spring water mixed with sea salt, you may create sea water. Then you add in the clay in order to create a paste. Now you add in the olive oil and when it is all mixed together, some additional spring water may be added in order to achieve the proper consistency.

Within a basin of warm water, place each of your wrapping strips unless you are planning to use plastic wrap. Take a nice long, warm shower in order to open up your pores so that the wrapping solution may seep on it. While you apply the wrap leave the shower running so that you are able to keep your pores open.

Apply the solution to the area of the body that you are wrapping. Make sure that you wrap towards an upward direction, when using the strips. In the event that you are planning to use a sheet, then you may want to wrap another layer on top that is dry.

At this point and time in the process, you are just going to lie down and rest for approximately thirty minutes. Then you may put on some relaxing music and set your alarm close just in case you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Once your time is up, you will need to remove the strips and then proceed with a lukewarm shower. For a couple days, only shower with lukewarm water so that your pores are able to remain closed in order to allow the slimming body wrap to work.

On the third day take an extremely warm shower, making sure you don’t get it too hot, in order to open your pores and the toxins that have accumulated are going to be released.

As an individual interested in a slimming body wrap, you may add any type of essential oil that you like, to receive additional relaxation benefits. First, you should do a small test area upon your inner arm to make sure that you aren’t going to have any type of sensitivities to the ingredients that are being used.

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