Mud Body Wrap

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The mud body wrap is known for detoxifying the body and assisting with mobilizing the toxins that are stored within fat, so that they are able to be eliminated from your body naturally. This mud body wrap helps to treat back acne, heal skin problems, tightens and tones the skin, improves circulation, helps to reduce cellulite, and alleviates muscle pain.

Learning How to Wrap

At anytime that you are considering receiving a mud body wrap, you should always remain hydrated, make sure that you drink plenty of water, or herbal tea, you don’t want it to be too hot or iced.

Mix approximately two hundred and fifty milliliters of the mud with pure warm water, you may also choose to use coconut milk or green tea, and several drops of  your favorite essential oil, in the event that it is desired. The mix needs to create a creamy and smooth paste for easy application. You will need to brush the paste onto the body within an even layer beginning at the feet up.

Wrap your body within a plastic sheet, heated blanket, or a linen and rest for thirty minutes. In the event that you are doing a compression wrap, you will need to use ace bandages that have been presoaked before hand. Then you are going to unwrap the sheets and gently remove the mud under your shower. If at all possible, don’t use soap because mineral and botanical residue left upon the skin may further enhance the treatment. However, whenever you are going to detox body wrap, make sure that you wash extremely well.

At this point, it is recommended that you receive a half of hour to an hour of rest in order to support the accelerating metabolism effect. Make absolutely sure that the body remains comfortably warm.

Immediately following the mud body wrap, you will need to drink an abundance of water or  tea for twenty four hours. In order to receive a full body detox, five to ten treatments are recommended two times a week. Before you receive a mud body wrap, you should make sure that you use caution whenever you are doing a body wrap because any type of body wrap treatment may be dangerous or unsuitable for individuals that suffer from certain medical conditions like: high blood pressure, heart disease, low blood pressure, pregnancy, diabetes, and high temperature sensitivity.

Before you use a mud body wrap, you should contact your physician and get approval. Make sure that you always remain hydrated and never consume alcohol before you have a wrap completed. You should never perform a body wrap whenever you are on medications.

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